Holy Week and Easter 2019

Palm Sunday ~ 14th April

9.00am: Palm Sunday Holy Communion

10.30am: Palm Sunday Holy Communion

(12noon: ‘SHAPE’ Annual Church Meetings, followed by simple shared lunch)

6.30pm: Evening Worship

Monday 15th April

7.30am: Morning Prayer for Monday of Holy Week

(Psalm 41 & Luke 22v1-23)

Tuesday 16th April

7.30am: Morning Prayer for Tuesday of Holy Week

(Psalm 27 & Luke 22v24-38 & 39-53)

Wednesday 17th April

7.30am: Morning Prayer for Wednesday of Holy Week

(Psalm 102v1-18 & Luke 22v54-end)

7.30pm: ‘The Art of Salvation’ with Stuart Currie

(Former lecturer at the Tate and National Galleries)

Maundy Thursday ~ Thursday 18th April

7.30am: Morning Prayer for Thursday of Holy Week

(Psalm 42 & 43 & Luke 23v1-25)

8.00pm: Holy Communion and Foot-washing

Good Friday ~ Friday 19th April

7.30am: Morning Prayer for Friday of Holy Week

(Psalm 69 & Hebrews 10v1-10)

10.30am to 11.30am: "TGI Friday" (a creative Easter story event for families)

12noon to 1.00pm: Devotional Service

Easter Eve ~ Saturday 20th April

7.30am: Morning Prayer for Saturday of Holy Week

(Psalm 142 & John 2v18-22)

8.00pm: Easter Eve Vigil

Easter Day ~ Sunday 21st April

9.00am: Holy Communion for Easter Day

10.30am: Easter Day Holy Communion for Everyone

with children’s Easter Egg Hunt

6.30pm: Easter Songs of Praise at Christ Church

(a joyful celebration of our Easter faith - with Flackwell Heath Methodist Church)

Monday 22nd April

Easter Bank Holiday Church Walk and Pub Lunch

Meet in the Church Car Park at 10.45am. Why not bring along your family and friends?