Homegroups and Discipleship


Homegroups are an important part of Church life! They are small groups of anything up to a dozen people, who meet regularly for prayer, teaching, fellowship, fun, support and encouragement.

We currently have something like 10 homegroups that meet in people's homes and in the Church Centre. Some groups meet weekly, some fortnightly; some meet during the daytime and others in the evening. All meet to encourage every member to grow in their faith and find support, friendship and a deep sense of belonging in their small group.

We also run 'After-Alpha' groups to help people continue exploring and growing in the Christian faith, such as 'A Life Worth Living', 'Just Ten' and 'Saints at Prayer'. Sometimes these groups have carried on and formed new homegroups.

We would love to help you find a group; the best way to do that is to give them a try. To find out more about our Homegroups please contact Sue Simpson.


Reading the Bible - Lectio Divina


It can be hard to find time to speak to God when your day is full of work, family and the pressures of daily life. Lectio Divina has been around since AD 300 and is a dynamic way of reading the Holy Scriptures which invites you to savour and mull over God's words quietly, slowly and intently until you begin to respond to what God is saying. It helps you build that vital bridge between your encounters with God and everyday life with its joys, humdrum and challenges. It follows a simple four-step approach of ‘Reading’, ‘Meditation’, ‘Prayer’ and ‘Contemplation’.


New Wine

Each summer a group attend the New Wine summer conference at Shepton Mallet in Somerset, joining with thousands of other Christians for a week of worship, teaching, fun and fellowship. We camp as a Church group and, rain or shine, we have a great time!