Mission Partners

Christ Church is committed to supporting Mission at home and overseas, working in partnership with five Mission Partners. Each receives a monthly sum from a tithe (10% of our regular income, as agreed by the PCC). In 2012 we gave away over £13,000. We support:

Paulin and Luli Vilajeti

Paulin and Luli work in mission across Albania through the Albanian Christian Centre. We also support the 'New Beginnings Children's Home" in Tirana.

Eddie and Sue Arthur

Eddie and Sue have been working with Wycliffe Bible Translators since 1985. Originally  they  were  in  Ivory Coast, West Africa, among the Kouya people and  were  members  of  the  team which translated the New Testament into the Kouya language.


Since returning to the UK Eddie has had a number of roles, including Executive Director of Wycliffe Bible Translators in the UK. He is now seconded to Global Connections the UK network for churches and mission agencies. As director for strategic initiatives, his role is to stimulate churches and agencies to a deeper involvement in mission as they face up to the changing realities in the church and the wider world. Sue is a translation consultant, making regular trips to Madagascar where she helps to train and equip local translators who are working on the Gospels in a variety of local languages. Although their roles involve a fair amount of travel and time apart, they feel it is an amazing privilege to see God at work through his word and to be allowed to have a part in what he is doing.

Their personal webpage and blog is http://www.kouya.net


The Jubilee Society

The Jubilee Society work among the poorest of the poor in Mongolia. 

Jubilee Logo

For the latest newsletter visit the Jubilee website www.jubileesocietyofmongolia.org

The London City Mission

The London City Mission exists to share with the people of London, patiently, sensitively and individually the transforming love of God in Jesus Christ, and to enable them to join his Church. We particularly support the work of Jean-Louis Kassis. Click here to read his testimony.

In the past few years we have been pleased to support London City Mission's in the Webber Street Homeless Centre and children and families on Broadwater Farm in Tottenham and Wealdstone.


Wycombe Youth for Christ

WYFC work in schools and among children and young people of High Wycombe. For more information click the Logo below.


Karuna Action

Karuna Action was founded in 1988 with a vision to meet the needs of the poor and the eradication of extreme poverty. This began in partnership with local churches in Sri Lanka. Since then they have grown and diversified their work, partnering with people and churches around the globe that have a vision to personally connect with the poor. They have supported hundreds of projects in 19 countries worldwide.

Karuna Action has a programme of education, health care, small business loans and child sponsorship. Our particular connection with them is through their sponsorship of children in Albania and Mongolia through two of our mission partners. For more information click the logo below:

Karuna Action Logo

Christian Aid

We also work with Christian Aid, who are committed to seeing a just world by working through local organisations to deliver direct, practical care to the poor and by campaigning to challenge the causes of poverty. In 2012 we raised over £3,200.

We also support Fairtrade, and disaster and famine appeals through the 'Christ Church Relief Fund'. We were delighted to be able to send over £2200 to the Philippine Disaster Appeal in November 2013.