Christ Church is committed to prayer - we believe prayer is at the heart of all we do as a Church and is the responsibility of every Christian. Therefore it is an important part of our individual and corporate life. Our Prayer Key Leader is Jane Franklin

Regular Prayer Occasions to which all are welcome

Rotunda Prayers:

Daily prayer is open to anybody and takes place in the Rotunda, Monday-Friday, 9.30am to 10.00am. Please add your prayer requests and answers to the Rotunda Prayer Diary.

Prayer for Wycombe:

The 'Prayer for Wycombe' vision is to see the Wycombe area covered in prayer 24-7, 365 days a years. Christ Church is one of over 30 churches now sharing in this vision. We are committed to 24 hours of praying on the 4th day of each month, and a sign-up sheet enables people to use hour slots to pray.


Monthly Prayer Meeting:

We are also committed on that 4th day of each month, to meeting together to pray about our part in what God is doing in our immediate area. Come and pray with others as we focus on Flackwell Heath, the Churches and community.

Contemplative Prayer:

A Contemplative Prayer group meets in the Upper Room every second Wednesday from 2.00-3.00pm, with space for reflection, silence and sharing.

Prayer and Praise:

We meet twice a month for 'Prayer and Praise' on first and third Wednesday evenings, between 8pm and 9.30pm to spend time in worship, corporate prayer and listening to God.

School Prayers:

Prayer for our village schools takes place each month in the Church Centre: For the Carrington Schools on the first Thursday and Juniper Hill School on the first Monday.

Other Opportunities to pray

24/7 Prayer:

We are linked to a world-wide prayer network... and take opportunities through the year to pray continually, including nights of prayer and weeks of 24-7 prayer.


Prayer Triplets & Prayer Partnerships:

We encourage people to be in a prayer triplet/partnership. We would love to help you find someone to pray with.


Christ Church has an email prayer-chain, and a phone Prayer-Chain for emergencies. If you are not part of either of these please contact the Church Office. To pass around an item for prayer please contact your Homegroup Leader or Sue Simpson.


Christ Church has a team of confidential Intercessors to support the work and ministry of the Church.

Prayer Noticeboard:

Don't forget to check the Prayer Noticeboard in the Rotunda for up-to-date prayer information.

Quiet Days:

Once a term we run a Quiet morning, evening or day. It is an opportunity to step aside from busy lives and spend some time in quiet reflection and reading. We have used a labyrinth.

Prayer Cards:

Each month we produce a Prayer Bulletin and a Mission Prayer Sheet, to encourage regular prayer for important aspects of the people and life of the church, and those we support.