Toilet Twinning

Flushing away poverty at Christ Church


The toilets at Christ Church are helping to flush away poverty! Each of our toilets are ‘twined’ with latrines in Africa – 2 in Burundi, 3 in Ethiopia and 2 in Uganda providing access to safe sanitation, clean water and hygiene education for some of the world's poorest people.



"Some 2.5 billion people don't have somewhere safe & hygienic to go to the toilet. This is such an easy thing to do to make a real difference to people's health, safety and quality of life. It literally works on flushing away poverty!" UK-based charities Cord and Tearfund created ‘Toilet Twinning’, a unique way to help transform lives in poor communities across the world.

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 You can 'visit' our twinned latrines (by using Google maps) at:

Rutana Province, Burundi (Latrine number 1367)

Latitude -3.853625 & Longitude 30.208506

Rutana Province, Burundi (Latrine number 1396)

Latitude -3.97523056 & Longitude 30.16206111

Kokera Norcha, Ezha, Ethopia (Latrine number 80009)

Latitude 8.1238 & Longitude 38.1419

Kokera, Ezha, Ethopia (Latrine number 80018)

Latitude 8.10183 & Longitude 38.14576

Kokera, Ezha, Ethopia (Latrine number 80020)

Latitude 8.10258 & Longitude 38.1457

Kagarama, Kabale District, Uganda (Latrine number 30086)

Latitude -1.235944 & Longitude 29.925639